Saturday, March 30, 2013

Steampunk Ray Gun

Finished Steampunk Gun

Though this has nothing to do with magic, it was created as a prop for an upcoming photoshoot. It also acted as an exercise in creativity. It started out simply enough as a squirt gun that I found for $1.
I initially painted in in a flat black and then added the brass, copper and brown accents. The unfortunate thing was that the brass paint did not really cover as well as I would have liked, so the search is on for another brand of brass paint that will work. The copper was fantastic, though it too was my second attempt at copper.
the original squirt gun

The accessories that I added to it were just odds and ends that I had laying around. The front piece was made from the cap of a marker, along with beads and a nail. The back piece was an attachment to a broken hair trimming device and the gauge at the top was actually a kid's plastic ring that I took apart, painted and added the gauge image on the inside. All in all, I thought it turned out fairly well.

I'm working on a second steam punk gun which should be done later today or tomorrow at the latest. It too began as a squirt gun that cost $1.50 from a party store and was painted and had some accessories added to it. That gun is below along with the before image.

UPDATED: I just finished two more Rayguns based on the first one. They are the lower most picture.

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