Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Temporal Work in Progress

Another steampunked prop is almost ready. I say almost because I am still tweaking it. I'm looking for some parts that I can't yet find, so the prop itself may go into the show in a not quite finished condition. What is it you ask?

I call it a Temporal Accelerator. Whatever goes into the box can travel backwards or forwards in time. Each time an item goes into the box it's condition is altered when it's removed. In fact at one point in the routine, the top and bottom of the box remain open and an egg is dropped into the box and does not emerge on the other side.....though it will emerge in another time, but that's not my problem :)

I'm really looking forward to putting this into the show. It began as a very old piece of magic apparatus and has been transformed into a really fun routine. I hope I can get all the bells and whistles attached before I put it in the show, but if not, it still works as is!

I'll provide a better image once it's totally finished!

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