Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Steampunk Illusionist is Taking Shape!

Carnegie: Steampunk Illusionist
This venture into magic + Victorian Futurism has certainly been fun and challenging. But the effort is beginning to pay off. I've been covertly sneaking magic routines for the Steampunk magic show into my regular performances in an effort to get the pieces audience tested. So far, the items that I've been able to work out have gone over incredibly well.

My creative team and I have been brainstorming ideas for this venture and we've actually come up with some crazy ideas that might just turn out to be super cool. The only one I'm willing to reveal is that Carnegie the Steampunk Wizard will be making appearances on The Magic Detective Youtube Show and will be demonstrating Victorian Era magic effects.

When will the Steampunk Illusionist Show debut? It will be a couple months yet until everything is ready. Right now, we're trying to find a new flock of girls to be in the show. They have the unusual position of not only acting as magician's assistants but also minor characters in the show. I think that is one thing that will set this whole venture apart from a typical magic show.

If you like, please go visit It's still basically a work in progress. I've not made the official announcement about the site yet. There is quite a bit more content to add. But I hope you like what you see.