Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Astonify Show is Moving Full Steam Ahead!

Here is another update on my new show called ASTONIFY. Today, the rack cards arrived. These are the first pieces of printed marketing to help promote the show. I was very happy with the way these turned out.

If you go over to the website, you'll notice a number of changes. I have resisted adding more pages to the site, but I do have a menu that takes you to the various sections on the first page. There is no video, yet. However, there is a video of sorts, it's just not ON the website. I created a kind of behind the scenes video, where I answer several popular questions that have come up. I don't plan to put it on the site, but rather keep it to share with people who sign up. It will be one of several behind the scenes videos. And you can watch it right here! You're certainly welcome to sign-up, and I hope you do. But if not, you can still view the video below.

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