Saturday, March 16, 2013

Name Contemplation

Old Poster based on a Germain Poster
Along with the new concept is a possible name change. NO, I'm not changing Carnegie, but I am considering changing 'Artist of Mystery' to a more simple word, WIZARD. It's an interesting word really. There was a time when the word wizard brought up images of an old man in the conical hat and long flowing robes with zodiac patterns printed on it, a Merlin type character.

Then in recent times the word WIZARD brought about images of Harry Potter and Hogwarts. And there is the connection to the famous character from the L.Frank Baum novel and movies "The Wonderful Wizard of OZ".

But in Victorian times there were a number of magicians who used the moniker Wizard over magician. John Wyman was known as Wyman the Wizard. John Henry Anderson was known as The Great Wizard of the North. And finally, Germain the Wizard whose career would begin near the end of the Victorian era and move into the 20th Century. There were likely many more, but I did notice that as the 20th Century progressed, the moniker Wizard died out.

So I have, for now, chosen Wizard. Actually, it sort of chose me. A few years ago I made a poster for myself based on an old Germain poster and rather than have it say 'Germain the Wizard', it said 'Carnegie the Wizard'. Though I had never used that moniker, it made a nice poster. But it kind of stuck in my head. And now that  I've decided to completely change my image,  I will also add a big re-branding campaign as well. Below is one of the early versions of a new may change again, but work is underway!

Potential New Logo

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