Sunday, November 01, 2020

Astonify Run for October is Complete

The run of Astonify Shows for October is complete. We may or may not have one tomorrow Nov 1st. No tickets have sold yet and it's anyone's guess if tickets will sell. If they don't then we've finished the Halloween Season. I've got plenty to complain and rant about, but I'll save that. I'd rather share some stories from the show. 

Spirit Clock
As you may know, a signature piece in my show is the Spirit Clock. This is basically a glass clock face with numbers but no inner clockworks. There is a small protruding rod in the center to place an arrow-like pointer on, but that is it. You spin the pointer and plead with the spirits to stop at a chosen number. To say it works like clockwork, would be a poor play on words, but yes it works every time. Except. Except when Spirits get involved. I always know when spirits are present because the clock dial never lands where it is supposed to. To the audience it looks like I can't do anything right. But I know forces are at work that may make the rest of the show even more fun. THIS is exactly has Saturday night's show played out. The dial would not land on one single number called.  The night before, while rehearsing the show, everything was working fine until I said a rather unusual line, which I thought was funny. Apparently, I was the only one, as this thing stopped functioning. Then when the show was over, I told my brother, "watch, I'll go over there and the thing will work." Ummm, watch the attached video...

The rest of the show, AFTER, the Spirit Clock, went smoothly, and in fact, went better than smoothly. I was almost concerned at how well the spirit trumpet played. And the final routine, which was a bonus really, was a smashed hit. What a night! I think I still like the LIVE -in person version better, but it was great to turn Astonify into a Virtual show. Next up is converting the Christmas version of Astonify into a Virtual show. 

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