Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Virtual Seance

Well, it appears that the Astonify Show WILL be back in 2020 after all. The one difference is this version will be VIRTUAL. It will still be presented LIVE and it will be INTERACTIVE. I'm currently working out the various details.  The shows will be for fairly small groups, but I haven't decided how small yet. When you purchase a ticket you will receive in the mail, a package with some props needed for the show. These are the same items you'd receive if you were part of the show in person. AND not everyone gets the same package! Some items are duplicated, but some items are unique, this allows a slightly different experience among the attendees.

I am expanding the SEANCE portion of the show this year and it will be more interactive. That means there is the potential for very spooky/creepy things to happen in your own home! We have been beta-testing much of the material and so far the responses have been beyond my expectations. I honestly never envisioned doing the show this way, but circumstances being what they are, this way is safe and frankly MORE people will be able to see the show than could in a typical season.

Dates and Ticketing information will go online in Early September. Dates for the show will run from Mid September till the end of October! If you go to right now and sign-up for the newsletter updates, you'll find out about the dates before everyone!!!

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