Friday, May 30, 2014

More Steampunk Magic Props

I have been feverishly working to get new props built and old ones refurbished for my upcoming tour that starts soon (in days). I've attached two images for you to enjoy. The top photo is a refurbished prop that I call 'The Temporal Generator'. This is a rather clever device, whatever is placed inside can be instantly sent back in time or ahead in time. To prove it, I borrow a shoe, place it into the box and send it back in time. Then moments later I bring it back, but apparently something goes wrong and a different shoe ends up in it's place. The borrowed shoe then is discovered in an impossible place with a note from the past!

The next is a neck stock for a routine which was a Sword Thru the Neck Illusion. I won't be using a
sword, but I will have a long metal device that will go into the stocks while someone wears it. The device came out splendidly.

The real difference between the two props is that first one, the Temporal Generator, has lights and sound effects. The Neck stock has no lights or sound effects but you see the magic as it happens. Whereas in the first routine, the magic moment is somewhat delayed. So both have something unique about them and both should be wonderful additions to The Steampunk Illusionist Show.

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