Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Steampunk Illusionist Magic Show Coming Together Nicely

On Wednesday, we had the honor of presenting another Steampunk Illusionist Show and the show received a standing ovation. We also made sure to video tape the show and were fairly happy with the results we saw. However, as with any performer who is honest with themselves, there was plenty in there that needs adjusting and fixing. It's not anything an audience would likely notice, but we certainly saw things that should be fixed or simply adjusted.

Whenever I say 'we', I'm referring to my #1 super awesome assistant Denise who does more magic behind the scenes than I could possibly do in front of the curtain. She is amazing!

Right now the Steampunk Illusionist has about a dozen effects to choose from for the smaller version of the show. We will be adding some new material to the show shortly. And will be working on a big project in a few days!!!!

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