Monday, November 04, 2013

The Steampunk Illusionist Appears at First Annual Houdini Festival

In a previous blog article I mentioned that we would be debuting the Steampunk Illusionist Act at the First Annual Houdini Festival in Danville VA on Nov 2, 2013. Actually, to be exact, this was the first time the 'two person act' debuted. I've been doing Steampunk material and routines on my own for a while now. The plan has always been to expand the act and to create a much larger and grander show. So this event in Danville was the next step in the process.

My assistant Denise and I presented four routines. The first was a clever interactive piece that as far as I know, I am the only one presenting. The second routine was pure steampunk, using a minature time machine to send several borrowed finger rings back in time and then return to the future in a most unusual place. The third piece in the show was an escape. This was a Houdini Festival after all so we presented a clever escape using a fabric bag and the lovely and talented Denise presented the escape. The final routine was a story based routine of my own about Harry Houdini and Charlie Chaplin.

Our steampunk costumes looked incredible and the comments by the audience, both young, old and those from magicians were all very enthusiastic and positive. Looking forward to the next steampunk show!

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